The Christian Church has, from its earliest times, provided care and guidance in the burial of its members. A part of this tradition was the burial of its members in the Church or in the surrounding Churchyard. This was seen as a visible and continuous reminder of the Church as the Communion of Saints, including the living and the dead “in Christ.”

The St. James’ Columbarium and Memorial Garden continues in this tradition by offering its members a meaningful place for internment on the sacred ground where you were an active part of serving God in the place. It is here in the front of the Columbarium where the new fire of Easter is lighted and it is here we gather to remember those we love at special times of the year.

Only Members in Good Standing (as defined by the Canons of the Episcopal Church) can apply for use of a niche. They can apply and reserve additional niches to hold family members if they so desire. The St. James’ Columbarium is not a public cemetery and is administered by a Committee at St. James’ to the Glory of God and the benefit of our Members. The Rector and Columbarium Committee reserve the right to set aside a few niches for pastoral response.

The Columbarium is located on the south side of the building overlooking the valley. We intend this to be a quiet setting for reflection and thanksgiving. Please honor the needs of families when they gather.