This slightly odd phrase – to take your share in the councils of the Church – is actually a part of the ordination service for a priest.  It is an admonition to remember that community is not just the parishes we are called to serve with, but the wider body of Christ as well – and we are called to serve widely.  This looks different for every priest.  I see serving as a chaplain at summer camp as a way of taking a share in the councils of the church.  Another way is to serve on regional or diocesan councils and committees.

Last month I was invited to share in leadership in a new way.  I was asked to step in to serve the unfulfilled term of a departing clergy member for the coming year (terms are four years).  After prayer and consultation with parish leaders I agreed to serve, and attended my first meeting last week.

You might be wondering, what is the Standing Committee?  The easiest way to explain it is that it’s akin to the Vestry at the parish level.  It is the Bishop’s Council of Advice, and in the absence of a bishop, becomes the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese.  You can read more about church governance, if you’re so moved, here.  [insert link below]

I am honored by this opportunity and thankful for the chance to serve in the coming year!

Yours in God’s peace,