This Sunday we gather for the Feast of Pentecost – the capstone to the Easter season and the day we celebrate the birth-day of the church.  Pentecost is a movable feast, as its date is dependent upon Easter.  This year it falls at the start of June, and is our hinge point into summer worship.

As has become our routine, we will be shifting our Sunday liturgy with the change of liturgical seasons.  The season after Pentecost is long, lasting all the way until the start of Advent, and so we will be breaking it into two three-month chunks (June-August and September-November).  For the summer chunk we will be using Prayer 1 and the Confession from Enriching Our Worship and simple melodies for service music (at the 10:30 service).  We will also be using the spoken modern language translation of the Lord’s Prayer at both services.  Unlike last summer when we had a reusable bulletin with the bulk of the worship service and a weekly bulletin with music, prayers, and announcements, this summer we will have weekly all-inclusive bulletins as we do the rest of the year.  If you are interested or would like to know more about how we plan our seasonal liturgical shifts, I am always happy to geek out and talk about liturgy, or you can consider joining our Worship Team!  We meet in the late summer to sketch out the year ahead and check in over email from time to time for feedback throughout the year.

Finally, I am excited to share that FLAT JESUS will be back for another summer of roaming!  Instructions and supplies for making your own FLAT JESUS will be ready to pick up this Sunday!
Yours in God’s peace,