Tomorrow and Saturday folks from around the diocese will be gathering for our annual convention.  Delegate Blix Winston, and alternate Carla Kaufman, and I will represent St. James’, and partake in this business of the church.  This year Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will be the featured guest, presiding at the opening Eucharist for convention and hosting a Q&A session.  See below how you can attend the Big Tent meeting with Presiding Bishop Curry tomorrow night.

Diocesan convention is sort of like a parish Annual Meeting writ large.  It is the place where we report what has been going on in the last year, discuss and vote on the business of our common life together, and raise up people to serve on committees and commissions at the diocesan level, as well as elect those who will represent our diocese at the next General Convention (which will be held in Austin, TX in summer 2018).  It is also where the Bishop helps to cast forward the vision of the diocese for the coming year.  You can visit this link to read the convention booklet and get a sense of the pulse of the church here in Maryland.
Click Here for the Convention Booklet
Please keep all those who will be gathering this weekend in your prayers, and look for reflections from your St. James’ cohort next week!

Yours in God’s peace,